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Transform any room with one click of a button.
*No cleaning required.

Ready to stop playing the household hustle…???

You know that game... it's almost time for your next zoom call, you have to hustle

to find a place & space in your house that is clean, decluttered and professional.

Good luck, right?

You're an entrepreneur launching your first (or 100th) virtual event...

You want to look professional, polished & put-together.

You've been thinking of redecorating but not exactly sure of your style...

and you don't want to spend a ton of money on the wrong decor.

I've got your back... drop.

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Virtual Rooms

Midcentury - Traditional - Modern - Boho - Farmhouse - Industrial

Virtual backdrops available for immediate download.

With full package of 27 backdrops, you can change your virtual space every 2 weeks for an entire year!

A room for your every mood.

Virtual backdrops are so fun but you'll also be amazed at how much better you feel just 'seeing' yourself in a new beautiful space.

Caution: Contents may spark confidence, joy & happiness.

Details & What's Included...

Change your virtual space easily without breaking the budget. 


Choose rooms to fit your every mood & any virtual event.

Stop worrying about pre-meeting cleaning scramble. 

Feel like you are living in luxury, surrounded by beauty.

27 easy-to-use Canva templates optimized for a virtual backdrops.


Each room designed by Professional Home Stylist.

Ideas & Inspiration for your future home makeovers.


PDF guide with basic instructions to help you upload your new back drops .

I've got your back...drop.

Stop hiding in your house, searching for a space that looks professional & scrambling to clean up.

LOVE these rooms!

I love having a variety of ready to go rooms that match my energy and mood. It feels so good to know my space is always camera ready and Im not hustling to clean so people dont see my dirty dishes or laundry in the background!

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 6.21.30 PM.png

Easy & so fun.

I feel so much more confident when I am in my calls. I'm not constantly staring at myself and my space thinking about all of the things I need to be doing or cleaning!


The zoom rooms are awesome!

It's become an ice breaker for so many of my calls. Everyone comments on my new room, it instantly lightens my mood when I see my fun backdrop pop up. 


Special Bonus Offer

 When you purchase package of 27 Rooms, you get FREE BUYERS GUIDE that includes

 the links to 80+ decor, furniture & artwork items featured in Styled Spaces!

Purchase any item quickly & easily.  Turn your virtual room into reality.

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Hi! I'm Indie. (The Styled Spaces Designer)

I love all things creative & expressive. I am an Intuitive Home Stylist with a love of textures, color & moods. I also love to travel and find new environments fill me with inspiration.


After all this time at home, I found myself really bored always surrounded by the same four walls. I didn't have the bandwidth or the budget for a remodel so I created Styled Spaces as a way to virtually transform the world around me.

Then a funny thing happened along the way, while sitting with these new backdrops, I began to feel inspired again. I noticed that I felt more confident, that I felt more alive.

Styled Spaces is more than a backdrop. They help you feel more confident. They help you get in touch with your style. Most of all they help you feel more like you!  


I hope you enjoy your new spaces & soon they become your everyday reality.

Indie xo

27 Styled Rooms for $27

Purchase the Styled Spaces templates  package.

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