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Clutter is what you end up with when you have more stuff than you need. - Donna Smallin


After clearing & organizing, the next steps is to define your creative style, starting with the creation and/or review of Pinterest boards. We'll do an inventory of your current decor and establish a budget for any additional purchases. Next we Style by rearranging & creatively blending existing furnishings with artwork & accessories to transform  any room in your home into a stylish, revitalized and inviting space which reflects your personal style and taste.




Single Room

Bachelor Pad

Serene Santuary

*starting at $750

The first step to a more harmonious space is clearing. Together, we will eliminate things that are not functionally necessary, out of date, tied to the past & keeping energy stuck. Decluttering allows us to open up space for more intentional & purposeful living. Next organizing solutions for rooms, closets, drawers & keepsakes are created to improve quality of life, personal productivity & greater ease of flow in your home.


Package 1 = 10hrs 

Package 2 = 25 hrs

Package 3 = 40 hrs

*starting at $850

Wardrobe Restyle can happen at anytime. If you style your room first, you're going to want to style your Self next. Closet clearing begins decluttering & a full audit of your current clothing. The goal is to keep the fab & ditch/donate the drab. After careful curation, we'll review how to update, recycle and restyle your wardrobe, generating an on-the-spot shopping list of must have staples & accessories to round out your new expressed style. 


Clearing (1x): 4 hrs

Clearing & Restyling (2x): 6 hrs


*starting at $450

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